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Craft and Trade Renovations is a team of craftsman and tradesman dedicated to the art, creativity and quality that goes into the art of fine home renovations.  Our design team uses 3D renderings to bring your project to life before construction begins and works with you extensively during our unique pre-construction design process. Our brand at its core is about quality, craftsmanship, honesty and service. The brainchild of husband and wife team Trey Douglas and Laura Anderson, Craft and Trade was formed in an effort to elevate the experience of renovating and bring an exceptional level of taste and quality to our projects. We are passionate about transforming spaces and making people excited about the homes they live in. We believe homes, with a little love, should last a lifetime.


We start with an in-house consultation where we get to know each other, hear about your ideas, goals, needs and budgets.    We take our time to consider the project from start to completion based on your requests, using 3D renderings and plans created and personalized to your project to ensure that your estimate is accurate.  Before construction, we will finalize your projects 3D renderings to reflect the material choices and design decisions we've made together so that you can virtually walk through your home and get excited about the end result before we even start construction.  Our process is client centric and different than the average contractor.  We strive to offer our clients a transparent and fun experience, dedicated to accuracy and properly managing your project from start to finish.

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