Owner Trey Douglas has over 27 years of experience in complex residential and commercial construction.  He began his career at 18 apprenticing to a restoration carpenter where he was taught how to to understand the "ghost marks" of an older structure and how to replicate the quality and design of old world craftsmanship. Trey's eye for detail and steady craftsmanship has stayed with him throughout his career.  A native of New York City, Trey has been recruited to work on many high profile projects including: The Museum of Math in Manhattan, Essex House, The Waldorf Astoria, Equinox Gyms, Carnegie Hall, Fischer Island (Miami) and celebrity estates.   Trey is known for his incredible custom trim work, attention to detail, exceptional standards and quality craftsmanship.  



Owner and licensed realtor Laura Anderson is a veteran of the luxury fashion industry having spent almost 2 decades working with emerging contemporary brands in NYC.  As a Director she managed global production teams and worked intimately with designers on developing collections and projects from concept to color to the final product.  She loves inspiring clients to think creatively.  Laura loves the process of starting with an idea and then bringing it to life by creating 3D renderings personalized to each client.  She approaches each project with passion and a commitment to excellence.  Most importantly, she believes remodeling should be fun for clients and strives to make it a clear and exciting process.